Easter-April Fool’s combo allows parents to prank their offspring

For the first time in over 50 years, Easter was marked on April 1.

The last time that Easter fell on the first of April was in 1956 and it won’t happen again for over a decade (2029).

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The significance of Easter falling on April 1 is that it then falls in line with April Fool’s Day, offering parental pranksters a rare opportunity to mess with their kids as they collected their chocolate bounty.

Naturally, parents and (some children) posted images of their pranks on social media.

Sarah Joseph drew eyebrows and moustaches onto her kids’ faces as they slept.

Kylie Cox sent her children on an Easter egg hunt for non-existent treasure.

Tough day at @laur723’s house for her child as she left her kid with unicorn poop.

There were a few parents who took the time out to wrap alternative bounty for their children.

Not every parental prank involved Easter as @Dhruvdasgupta97’s parents concocted a somewhat elaborate ploy over how he had been kicked out of college.

Perhaps the best prank of the day goes to Chlo Ward’s parents, who stuck a note on her car, which apologized for non-existent damage. They then filmed her as she wandered around her car looking for dents and scratches.


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