These specific dog breeds are now banned from flying United

Earlier this year a dog died when a United Airlines attendant forced a passenger to store her pup in an overhead bin. The dog, in a small carrier designed to fit under a seat, suffocated during the flight and United has since taken full responsibility for the incident.

United will resume transporting dogs as cargo in early July – but has also decided to ban twenty-one specific dog breeds, and four breeds of cats, from their flights.

These specific breeds can suffer physical issues due to heat or travel stress, because of their physical shape. Pugs, for example, are a brachycephalic breed. While their ‘smashed noses’ and flat faces may be desirable to breeders or in the show ring, this can cause breathing issues, low energy, overheating, eye issues, dental problems and more. Banning these breeds may lower the chance of future issues with pets travelling on United.

Here’s the list of dog/cat breeds no longer allowed to fly with United – and other airlines, like American.


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