‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ names winner after first-ever tie vote

SPOILER ALERT – You are about to read the results of the Survivor 2018 finale. 

After nearly three months of gruelling competition, the winner of Survivor: Ghost Island has been crowned.

Six contestants remained heading into the May 23 finale: Domenick Abbate, Wendell Holland Jr., Donathan Hurley, Laurel Johnson, Sebastian Noel, and Angela Perkins.

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Three immunity challenges and three tribal councils marked the end of the line for three Survivor hopefuls. Sebastian was first to go, then Donathan, and finally Angela.

And with that, three castaways were one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal of supremacy and a $1 million cash prize. The final three hopefuls each explained to the jury why they deserved to be the evening’s “Sole Survivor.”

In a nearly unprecedented move, Survivor host Jeff Probst read the votes live at the tribal council, as opposed to the traditional unveiling at the live reunion show.

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But things got complicated. For the first time in the show’s 36 season run, the final vote resulted in a tie between Wendell and Domenick. And that meant all the power fell into the lap of third place Laurel, who ultimately crowned Wendell as the winner.


Season 36 of Survivor was filmed in Fiji, the fifth time an iteration of the show was shot there

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