Weekly survey: What do I do with a guy who's never been to Canada?

After more than 15 years of visiting my friend Shehzad in Singapore, sometimes making the 24-hour flight as many as three times a year, he’s FINALLY coming this way. He’s only been to Western Europe once and never to North America. He’s currently visiting family in Atlanta but I’ve guilted him into coming up to Toronto for the weekend.

Now the question: What do I do with the guy?

He has ZERO experience with Canada, a country that barely registers in his part of the world. He’ll be here for two days. Where in Toronto/Southern Ontario do I take him? What do I show him? Where do I take him to eat? (He’s an Ismaili Muslim, so he has to go to the Aga Khan Museum, which is a given.)

The biggest problem? He’s not much of a music fan. In fact, he honestly believes that Rick Astley is one of the great artists of our time. (I am NOT kidding about that.) This means we must leave music out of the equation. But as for everything else, I’m open to suggestions.

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