Yay or Nay: Crocs High Heels?

Crocs are often called things like “Crimes against fashion” or “hideously freighting to look at” but they are also awesomely comfortable!!!

Now, admittedly I do not wear high heels but I hear a lot of complaints about how uncomfortable they are so… The question needs to be asked! Would you be down with buying a pair of high heels made by Crocs ?

They have released a line of high heel shoes (to go along with the wedges that they sell). They are available in white, grey and black. The high heeled Crocs feature 3-inch heels and cost $50.

So far, I have only found them available on the Crocs Amazon page in the UK but honestly, I feel like I have spent way too much time researching Crocs already. So if you like ’em, now you know where to find them!

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