Staples manager wondered what a woman was hiding under her shirt. She was pregnant with twins

WATCH: A woman in North Carolina says a store manager and a police officer confronted her at a Staples on Friday, asking her to lift her shirt after the manager allegedly believed she was hiding something when she was actually carrying twins.

A manager at an office supply store in North Carolina has been fired after a pregnant woman shopping there was confronted about what she was concealing beneath her shirt: “Twins,” she said.

Sherell Bates tells WSOC-TV she was paying for back-to-school supplies Friday when a police officer had her step aside and explain what was under her shirt.

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Bates says she responded that she’s 34 weeks pregnant with a boy and a girl, but he didn’t believe her. So she lifted up her shirt to expose her belly.

Staples says the manager apologized and her purchases were refunded.

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Says Bates: “No mom should have to go through that.”

Staples subsequently said in a statement Monday that the manager of the Pineville store “did not follow correct protocol” and was fired.

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