Trudeau says 2019 election will be nasty, but Liberals will strike a positive tone

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he expects next year’s federal election campaign to be the nastiest one yet.

The Liberal leader tells a party fundraiser that he and his Liberal party won’t indulge in mudslinging in the coming campaign.

He says he plans to take the same approach he did in 2015, when he won government. That means, he says, trying to stay positive and inclusive.

Next year’s election is expected to pit Trudeau against the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer.

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For his part, Scheer says his party plans on focusing on policy in the upcoming election.

Scheer is also accusing Trudeau of hypocrisy, noting that prominent Liberals such as Bill Morneau and Ahmed Hussen have called two Conservatives a Neanderthal and “not Canadian” respectively.

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He says the Liberal government has been engaged in some of the most divisive politics in recent years.

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