A Holly Barrie Christmas Movie starring Matt and Tara

Everyone knows that Matt and Tara are addicted to all the cheesy Christmas Movies on the W Network- so much so that they decided to make their own! Tonight is the world premiere! Enjoy! 🎥🍿

🎄Nothing big ever happens in the quaint town of Holly Barrie….that is until an “Incident” with the town tartlet drives Chet Garland- Holly Barrie’s prodigal nephew- out of town.
Ten years later..Chet Garland returns home with his rich new boss and the secret ingredient that could save the town and win back the heart of the woman he loves. Can the power of true love and the spirit of Christmas combine to give one man the inspiration he needs to save the town and the people he loves from a money hungry madman who threatens to flatten Holly Barrie with the ginger snap of a finger? 🤠
The Double U Network Presents-
A Holly Barrie Christmas…

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