Week 1 of Our New Normal

I haven’t blogged in a while. As many of you know, it was a daily exercise for me many moons ago, something I took a lot of joy in doing. It was Babe’s suggestion that I begin doing it again so that I can catalog this time in our lives. So that I can look back on it years from now and be reminded of how quickly things can change, how important it is to appreciate the things that you have, and to never take for granted the things that we are having to temporarily let go of. Who knew that toilet paper would be one of those things? 

So please…bear with me while I, like the rest of you, attempt to navigate this new normal. These are unprecedented times and it always feels better to know that we’re not walking this path alone. 

I will try to update this daily but no guarantees. I am still working everyday and for us, being in the media, it’s never been busier or more stressful. The on-air staff in our building are the only ones working right now and we are under strict guidelines from the company to stay separated so that everyone’s safety can be protected. Having said that, it means more work for us as we attempt to monitor the minute by minute developments, share them on the air and through our social media channels, and keep the station going with a skeleton staff who have been working round the clock to bring you the information you need to help guide you through this.

I do not mind in the least. This is what we’re here for and I am grateful and appreciative for even having a job to go to right now. It keeps my mind busy and gives me purpose in a time when many feel helpless. Ask anyone in the media how they feel about working while most have been sent home and I guarantee you that most of us would tell you that it is an honour and a privilege to be of service. We, the media, take a big beating, it’s almost become a National sport. But we will be here for you.  In whatever capacity we’re needed, whether it’s just a laugh when you need one most or to pass on vital information, we’ll be here .   

I’m not going to lie, these next three or four weeks are going to be nerve wracking. I worry about the amount of people returning to our country from March Break vacations and the snow birds, who were not only careless enough to dismiss government warnings to stay or come home, but who have undoubtedly brought more people with COVID-19 back to our country. Anyone who “guarantees” that they took all necessary precautions while they were away is being naive. There is no possible way that anyone who has gone anywhere and interacted with anyone can guarantee anything…particularly those that traveled by airplane. I am truly glad you’re home safe, but you put yourselves and all of us at risk so that you could “live your best lives” and it will probably be awhile before I can look past it or like your vacation photos…sorry not sorry. 

 It’s been quite a week. Mine has been a little different than some because of my job but I, like the rest of you, have just begun to come to terms with how quickly our lives have all changed.

 To think that just two short weeks ago, I thought nothing of hopping in the car to go visit my sister and my mom, taking a quick drive to Tim Horton’s to grab a mid-afternoon coffee, or even sauntering on down to my neighbors to share a drink and some laughs. 

 I still get together with all of the above people but now, it’s through video chat ,and I decided that as much as I love my Timmies coffee, it’s just not worth the risk. Our mission over the next weeks, months…who knows…is to limit our risk to as close to zero as possible. Shrink our world physically but expand it emotionally. 

 I’m also going to focus on what I can control, which is lowering our risk of infection through social distancing, and truly appreciating the things that I do have.  Soon, the little things will become big things again and the things we thought were important won’t matter anymore.

How do I stay positive over the next little while? Because generally, for now, I do genuinely feel that way. It really comes down to basic math. 

 The number of times I’ve thought “I’m never gonna get through this.”- Countless

 The number of times I didn’t- Zero.

 Stay strong…stay HOME…and we’ll get through this

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