Tara’s Blog- March 26th 2020

Good morning!

We are getting asked a lot of we are broadcasting from home yet and

the answer is no. When that does happen, you will still hear us

together…the show will go on…we just won’t be in the same building.

For now, though…it’s business as usual.

I still get a jolt every time I walk downstairs and see the broadcast area

that Babe set up for me in case it happens. I have never broadcasted

from my home before…the idea that I would ever need to seems crazy

but here we are. I haven’t told many of my neighbors yet, I don’t

want everyone to worry that they’ll make the entertainment report if

they act up.

I was trying to pinpoint the moment when all of this began to go

sideways the other day and it’s hard to believe that it was only 13

days ago.

I remember Premier Doug Ford announcing that students would not

be returning to school for two weeks after the March Break as the

official “moment” for me. The moment that I started to question

absolutely everything and everyone in my immediate circle, whether it

was safe to associate with them, and if I absolutely needed to go

wherever I was going. My world began to officially shrink that moment

and it’s one I will never forget.

I can thank my girl Ruby Tuesday for preparing me for this. Sounds

crazy but it’s very true. Although we said goodbye to my sweet girl

almost two months ago, she had begun walking her path to the

rainbow bridge 6 months before crossing it.

When I found out that although we could keep her comfortable for a

while and slow the progress of her liver disease, we would not be able

to save her, I literally dropped everything. For those that know me,

that was no easy task. I’m very social, love being busy, and enjoy

getaways with Babe and girl’s nights out. I became a complete

homebody…normally torture for someone like me.

But she was worth it…and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if it meant

having even one more week with her. I just loved the time we had

together and taking that time out from my normal life gave me the

time to examine my priorities and reshuffle the list where necessary.

I would be lying if I said that my list looks anything like the one I had


I enjoy and appreciate my home now, am a lot less restless, and I’ve

begun to see how beautiful any world can be, no matter how small. I

appreciate the little things. I actually see the little things now.

Now I’m not saying that once this distancing thing is behind us, that

I’m not going to enjoy a night out with the girls or a getaway with

Babe. I’m still that person and I always will be. I’m just happier in my

own space now. I want to do those things but the in between times

feel fuller now.

Thanks to Ruby Tuesday, I was ready for this. It hasn’t been the shock

to the system it might be to a lot of people. Just one more gift that my

girl passed on to me before she left.

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