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I’ve never worked from home before. I can’t say that I’ve ever wanted to. Since I was 11 years old and took on my first paper route, I have, with the exception of a hellish summer spent babysitting three of the wildest children I’ve ever met, always loved coming to work.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like though and as we wrap up day three of our show with me broadcasting from home, I’m getting a taste of what that looks like for the many people who have been doing it for years and those, who like me, are new to it.

I have to admit that I got a little choked up when I walked out of the building last week. I didn’t find out until after the show that I was going to be going home for the duration so I hadn’t really prepared. We have been so busy since all of this started getting serious, I don’t think I had had even a moment to process it.

It hit me then that life as I knew it, may not be the same for a very long time. But..I took a deep breath, pulled up my big girl pants, grabbed my headphones, and said bye for now to the place I’ve spent over half of my life coming to every single day.

Since that day, it’s been a flurry of activity. There were some technical issues the first day so I didn’t have the chance to get the full grasp of what it was like to work from home. Brad, our engineer/IT expert/ not sure what he did to deserve working with a pack of dodos like us, worked around the clock to make it all happen though and it’s all good now.

Some of my top questions in the past for friends who work from home-

Do you miss the office?

Do you miss seeing and talking to co-workers?

Do you wear pajamas to work..bother with

And the number one thing I feared. Is it tough to get work done?

Well the answers for me so far are that yes, I do miss the office but it was empty for a few weeks anyway before I left so with the cats and Babe, I actually have MORE company right now.

My furry new co-workers have a nasty habit of chewing cables though, something I never had to worry about with Matt unless he skipped lunch. They’re also not used to mommy being in the house and not being the center of my attention so keeping them off my lap and my desk area has been a challenge.

Secretly, I have loved having them at my feet during the show, even if they are too curious about all of the very expensive equipment and don’t understand why mommy has dusted off her squirt bottle again.

Do I bother getting dolled up for work? I’m surprised that I need that. It’s less about vanity and more about separating home me from work me. It’s guess it’s kind of like Clark Kent needs his superman costume to feel like a hero. I need pants without an elastic waistband to make me feel like I’m human.

Is it tough to get work done? Well, to be fair, it is a little different for us. Our hours and workload have actually not changed very much. Our show is from 5:30-10 no matter what’s going on…that’s a non-negotiable so no amount of procrastinating will change that. What’s different is after the show.

I actually find that since the content of much of the social media we produce after the show has changed somewhat, that the day is actually more spread out. For example, I’m writing a blog at 3 p.m, something I wouldn’t normally do. We have also been doing some live videos on Facebook in the evening so that’s been different.

We are an immediate medium so you’re never really off the clock, especially now, and that’s the beauty of what we do so I would never want to change that. I actually like that my day breathes now. It used to be a mad rush from beginning to end, now, I can take a little time between tasks to regenerate. It does mean my days are longer than they used to be but so far, I don’t mind. I like having a minute to gather my thoughts before turning to the next thing. The short answer is that, to my surprise, I am actually getting more done. And I’m happier with the quality of my work.

The absolute best part has been being home with Babe. I know you’re gagging as I write this but it’s the truth. I love having him come downstairs in his pajama pants with a coffee in the morning. He goes through the news on his tablet while I finish the show and then we have breakfast together. I guess it’s because this whole thing has been so ​much ​ and I realize that getting this time together is one of the silver linings..I recognize it and appreciate every moment of ​this ​part.

Being home with my furbabies, spending so much time with my Babe, the daily video chats with my mom over a glass of wine, the deeper
conversations with my less busy girlfriends…there have been lots of stars twinkling in this dark night and for that, I am thankful:)

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