Hamilton police reveal suspect descriptions, recover vehicles tied to kidnapping of Faqir Ali

Two suspect vehicles have been recovered by police in connection with the kidnapping of a Hamilton resident and the shooting death of his son.

Homicide detectives say the first of the two SUVs – a black Ford Edge – was recovered just before 9 a.m. Thursday on Beach Boulevard not far from the Burlington Lift Bridge – the same day as the home invasion on Mount Hope.

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The time and place of the second vehicle seizure were not disclosed.

In an update on Friday out front of Hamilton Police’s Central Station, Det. Sgt. Steve Berezuik said the first vehicle is being examined for evidence and that they now know three men are suspects in the case.

However, Berezuik says investigators only have “vague” descriptions for two males so far.

“The first suspect is a black male: a six-foot-one, thinner, skinny build, dark skin, dark pants and a dark top suspect,” Berezuik said.

Det. Sgt. Steve Berezuik updates the kidnapping of Faqir Ali and murder of the victim's son, out front of Hamilton's Central Station on Friday, Sept.17, 2021.

Det. Sgt. Steve Berezuik updates the kidnapping of Faqir Ali and murder of the victim's son, out front of Hamilton's Central Station on Friday, Sept.17, 2021.

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“Number two is a black male wearing a gray tracksuit and a wrap on his head, which is described by witnesses as a ‘do-rag.'”

The detective said the three men were last seen fleeing Niagara-bound on Eastport Drive towards Nikola Tesla Boulevard in the second SUV.

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Victim Faqir Ali and one of his two sons shot during the attack are recovering in hospital and are in stable condition, according to police.

Ali’s other son, Hasnain Ali, 21, was killed when the suspects executed a targeted invasion at Ali’s residence before 3 a.m. on Thursday.

Detectives say two of the suspects ‘forcibly’ took Ali and likely dragged him into one of the dark SUVs.

At around 9 a.m., about six hours after the abduction, Hamilton police located Ali with life-threatening injuries at Beach Boulevard near the QEW.

On his website and on Facebook, Faqir Ali describes himself as a lawyer, businessman, spiritual leader and public figure.

According to a Mississauga law firm, Ali owed almost $12,000 in damages and legal costs from an unpaid loan agreement.

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In 2018 a small claims court judge ordered him to pay, but he hadn’t.

The law firm posted about the outstanding debt and published his Glancaster Road address on their website.

Berezuik said police do not yet have a motive and that Ali’s recovery would be “paramount” to the investigation.

“So that’s something that we want to know,” Berezuik said. “We want an answer to that. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to speak to Mr. Ali. He continues to recover in hospital. ”

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The detective said he and others from homicide are just learning now about who Ali was (the family was not previously known to police) and could not offer up any other answers on the nature of the incident.

“I know just from the time that I’ve gotten to know the family, which which isn’t long, that he held what would be considered a prominent status back home and in India,” said Berezuik.

Faqir’s wife and daughter were home at the time of the attack, however, neither were injured according to Berezuik.

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