Unconventional Love Stories

Unconventional Love Stories features a variety of true, inspiring stories told by the very people who
have lived them.The short, poignant, and sometimes laugh-out-loud vignettes, explore love and
kindness beyond just the romantic realm. Love is packaged in a myriad of ways, between a variety of
beings. Whether it be a couple, a family member, a friend, a complete stranger, or a pet, love and
kindness appear in many guises if you take the time recognize them.

This show of interesting speakers is an absolute positive delight. Many of the presenters are contributing
authors of the book Brainstorm Revolution. Books will be for sale and authors will be able to
autograph your copy! Profits from this show are raising funds for the not-for-profit organization
Brainstorm Revolution, whose mission is to inform and educate about mental health through spoken
and written word.