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About Matt & Tara

Hey! It’s Matt and Tara from Fresh Mornings.

We love being a part of your mornings! A little bit about us..

After knowing each other for the better part of a decade, Matt and I decided to make a more serious commitment to each other, which many agree I should be seriously committed for.

We were put together on Fresh Mornings quite by accident. I was looking for a new co-host but in the meantime, had to find someone to co-host the show with me in Jamaica…TEMPORARILY. My Babe suggested the funny guy at the office Christmas Party. I told him to stick to teaching. As luck would have it( good or bad, you decide)..Matt  and I kinda clicked and the rest as they say…is history. We thought we’d trade off here and write each other’s bios. Here goes nothing.

Matt lived in Collingwood for 12 years before making the move to Barrie to host the Fresh Morning Show.  Matt can be described as funny, single, charming, single, handsome, still single, and according to his Nana, a very special boy…although single. A single special boy. In his spare time, Matt likes to drop in unannounced at Tara’s house, short walks on the beach, saving kittens, and helping the elderly across the street. Did we mention he’s single? I like to say that it takes a village to manage My Boo and I’m always looking for villagers

Tara on the other hand can be described as cautious, some would say to a fault, some would say that she’s a bit of a wet blanket, some would say that she is looking over my shoulder while I write this so I want to take this moment to comment on her good looks and talent..not singing talent…she is blissfully unaware that she has none. All kidding aside though. I am loving the life we’re building together, even though she claims she already has one with Babe. Tara has been showing me the ropes in Barrie, a city she’s called home for over 23 years and I’m loving getting to know all of you and the great communities that make up Simcoe County. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your mornings!

Matt & Tara's Blog

Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium has launched its “First Rider Program” again this year. It gives students (all Simcoe County kindergarten and primary age students) the chance to experience riding on a school bus for the first time!   The SCSTC invites parents/guardians and their children to take part in the FREE one (1) hour…

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