Prize Pickup

UPDATE: March 12, 2020:
*Effective immediately, all prizes will be sent out via mail. Do not come to the studios to pick up prizing.
Please contact the promotions department listed below for further info.*

Contest Winner Prize Claiming Guidelines:

Contest winners can pick up their prizes in person at the Station’s studios located at 1125 Bayfield Street North, Barrie during regular office hours (Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, except statutory holidays). Contest winners will be subject to verification and must be able to present valid photo ID.  Contest winners will also be required to complete, un-aided, a skill-testing question before their prize will be released. Contest winners must agree they will not sell their prize, stated clearly in the verification waiver signed upon prize pick-up.

For smaller contest prizes, and subject to the Station’s permission in each case, should a contest winner be unable to claim a prize in person due to circumstances beyond their control, they may send a self-addressed, stamped envelope bearing sufficient postage with a copy of the winner’s photo ID and a signed Contest Declaration & Release after the skill-testing question has been completed and verified.  This skill testing question and release can be sent to the contest winner electronically, and returned in the same manner.

In certain cases, Prize winners may be allowed to send a representative, who will be asked to produce a letter of authorization and a Declaration & Release which have been signed by the winner, as well as a copy of the winner’s photo ID.

Station will hold the winners prize for a total of 30 days after contest date. Fresh 93.1 will only accept late pick-up exceptions if winner has made arrangements with promotions or reception prior to the deadline of 30 days from winning contest.

Please note: The Station is not responsible for any late, lost or stolen prizes once they are released to a prize winner by mail or to his or her representative.


Liz Hunter, Promotions Manager