Matt & Tara’s Great Crate Escape

Matt & Tara’s Great Crate Escape is back!

Every year, Matt & Tara sit in animal crates, to help raise money and support for Street Cats Rescue!

It’s the 6th annual Great Crate Escape, but it’s a little different this year…

They’ll still be in a crate, but you’ll have to visit them online!

They’ll be going LIVE ON AIR from 10am – 3pm

and checking in on Facebook throughout the day!

You can show your support by donating online from now up until the big day

Visit to donate and for more info!

Proudly supported by The Michael Stuart Webb Team.


Visit Street Cats on their Facebook page HERE

Street Cats Rescue is a non- profit organization with registered charity status serving Simcoe County and surrounding areas. They are staffed 100% by volunteers, receive no government funding and rely solely on fundraising, donations and community support to continue their work. All money raised goes directly back to the care and comfort of the cats i.e. veterinary bills, rent, heat, hydro, food, supplies, etc.

Street Cats Rescue has a “no kill” policy. They advocate humane euthanasia only for terminally ill animals and/or animals where quality of life has been severely compromised with no hope of improvement.

Street Cats consists of physical shelter as well as a large network of foster homes. In both areas they utilize techniques and protocols that keep illness and stress levels to a minimum. They strive to get to know each cat’s unique personality which makes finding the right adoptive home that much easier. All cats are vet checked, treated for parasites and illness as needed. Prior to adoption each cat is vaccinated, fixed and microchipped. They advocate paediatric spay/neuter so even kittens are fixed prior to adoption.