Fresh Photo Booth

Smile!…It’s The Fresh Radio Photo Booth!  We’re bringing you the newest rage. A high quality, portable Photo Booth to capture the most candid photos from your party, special event or wedding, with an element of fun and entertainment. Just like the old days treasure that strip of photos of you and your BFF’s forever!

The Fresh Radio Photo Booth has open air design that takes up less space and delivers the same high quality prints as larger, cumbersome photo booths you may have seen before. Did you know you could fit up to 10 people in a picture at the same time? Which also saves you valuable space at your event, so there’s more room for partying!

Are you concerned about the quality of the pictures? This photo booth uses dye sublimation photo printing (same as your local photolab) for the clearest and most colourful photos. Not only can you capture the memories of your event; The Fresh  Photo Booth produces instant digital prints for your guests to take with them!

The Fresh Radio Photo Booth is a service that will compliment your professional photographer, not replace them – It’s entertainment at it’s best!


If you would like to learn more about our Fresh Radio Photo Booth or would like to rent The Fresh Radio Photo Booth for your event please email!


What Do I Get When I Rent the Fresh Photo Booth?

3 hour rental of the photo booth

Unlimited digital prints

Delivery and set up

Custom header, footer, logo, or message printed right on all photo strips

Onsite support technician from Shoot Me Productions.

Are There Any Extras? Why Of Course There Are…

We Offer Scrapbooks starting at $39.99

We Offer Guest Books starting at $29.99

Or Get a Complete Duplicate Set of All High Resolution Images For Only  $29.99

* an additional travel charge may apply for servicing outside of Simcoe County.